Our program is well tested and proven and will cover all you need to be well prepared for the upcoming winter & spring ski season. You will not be bored inside a class room; the days are filled with practical exercises in the field up on the mountain!


The conditions during early season can vary. Therefor also our program during the camp. The participant can look forward to a safe and high-quality program regardless of weather and snow conditions.We want to create an optimal learning climate where everyone can contribute their experiences. The team of mountain guides are very motivated to pass on their own experiences to you in a good way. The participants’ experiences and knowledge from the mountains also give us all additional opportunities to develop even more.
The passion for nature and skiing connects us all and we want to focus on the community of snow sports during these three days.

Overall themes for all days during the camp:

  • General mountain Awareness
  • Safety routines from the mountain guide
  • Exchange of experiences with the participants
  • Talking and discussing about decision-making in the mountains
  • Skiing and mountain philosophy

Freeride with pro-skier Piers Solomon

Let yourself be inspired by pro-skier Piers Solomon’s playful and elegant freeride technique. He will be happy to show you in a pragmatic way how you can progress and work with your freeride technique. Broaden your horizons and have fun while skiing with more flow and new (simple) freestyle elements.

Duration: ½ day

  • Safe and controlled freeride skiing
  • Techniques and speed-check in different types of snow
  • For Experts: Flow & style, playful skiing (drops, jumps, slash turns, buttering etc.)

High alpine skiing techniques

During an applied ski-tour in high alpine terrain we will sharpen and develop the participant’s ski techniques in both ascent and descent. Sometimes only a few small tips achieve great results!

Duration: ½ day // Direction: Mountain guide IFMGA

  • Safety skills and tactics in steep/difficult terrain (side-slipping, putting on skis in steep terrain)
  • Advanced techniques & development (kick-turns, efficient transitions, handling skins & hardware, boot packing)

Avalanche awareness and preventive measures

Adapted to the current circumstances and conditions and while moving in the terrain, we will share our experience in avalanche prevention measures. What are we doing today and why not the other? Where is the best place to ride our planned line and above all why? What do I do if it turns out differently than planned? These and many other questions occupy us every day, and we are happy to share our thoughts with you. High practical relevans!

Duration: 1/2 day // Direction: Mountain guide IFMGA

  • Prevention
    • Bulletin
    • practice-oriented route planning
    • rolling route planning
    • human factor
  • Behavior in the terrain, terrain management
    • line selection
    • safe points
    • group tactics

Avalanche training / Companion rescue / First aid

In case it should go completely wrong, we want to be prepared for the worst case scenario. Even if you do everything right, you might have to help in a difficult situation. Are you in full control of your avalanche transceiver and are you fast enough even under stress? Are you able to solve complex situations within necessary time?

Duration: 1/2 day plus evening course // Supervision: Mountain guide IVBV & ski patrol

  • Companion Rescue
    • Searching, probing, shovelling
    • possibly multiple burials
  • First aid for freeriders / ski tourers with ski patrol
    • Minor Accidents
    • Assistance & organization in avalanche accidents

Ski Moutaineering / Adventure Skiing

In a real freeride area like the Titlis, you need the right skills to shift the step from the 0815 runs to the adventure area. Often you have to “scramble” or abseil into a gully/couloir. This is not only to get to the good snow, but it is an experience in itself!

Duration: 1 day // Direction: Mountain guide IVBV

  • Training block “Rope & More” based on different situations
    • Equipment
    • Knots
    • Normal abseiling & improvised
    • Anchorages in rock, ice and snow
  • Steep skiing skills 40° plus
    • Assessment & tactics of special cases – couloirs steep faces
    • Safe skiing in steep terrain (jump turns, side slipping, sweeping, etc.
    • Application tour with e.g. abseiling into a couloir

Behind the Scenes “Ski-Pro

Dreamt by many, realized by few. To live from skiing is a childhood dream for many who are reading this text right now. All guides and ski pros of this camp do exactly that. We will introduce you to this life in detail; how does it come about, what do you need for it and what are the dark sides of the “high gloss” life it appears to be to the outside world?

Duration: Evening show // Direction: Ski-Coach & Freeride Pro Piers Solomon

  • short ski movies
  • “Behind the scenes”
    • How are such images created?
    • What does it take?
  • Lifestyle and life from the ski pro
  • Ski philosophy
  • Q&A


As the name suggests, the Pre-Season Camp takes place in the pre-season. The weather, the conditions and the amount of snow are not always optimal. If the ski area should remain closed due to e.g. storm, heavy snowfall or even too little snow, we offer you alternative possibilities in the valley bottom to be optimally prepared for the coming winter season.

Duration: As little as possible, as much as necessary // Management: Mountain guides and associated specialists

  • Mehrfachverschüttung LVS
  • Seilhandling
    • Knoten
    • Ausrüstung
    • Seilverkürzung
  • Seilmanöver
    • Abseilen
    • Selbstaufstieg
    • Spaltenrettung
  • Improvisierte Rettungen
  • “Trouble-Shooting” am Berg
  • Erste Hilfe
  • Schneedecken Aufbau, Schneekristalle etc.