What are the requirements for me?

The camp is not designed for freeride or ski touring beginners. You must have experience in the above mentioned areas, be solid on skis or snowboard and have a good basic fitness.
We will do different groups according to level in the different training blocks. So you can later (via self-assessment form) and with a mountain guide divide yourself into a group that suits you. Are you already a very strong tourer, freerider or alpinist? Then let us know in the registration form so that we can sort you into the right group. (or later via self-assessment form)

Can I also participate as a snowboarder?

Yes, if you have a splitboard it is a good idea. If possible we will make a separate boarding group. (if there are enough interested people). We can only adapt the ski technique part to snowboard technique if there are enough snowboarders (separate group). Otherwise you can join the same program as a boarder.

How do I organize the overnight stay?

If you would like to join us for dinner and the evening programs, or if you simply live too far away, we recommend an overnight stay in one of our partner hotels. That way you can have a beer after an instructive day.

What if the camp cannot take place because of Corona?

We basically work with the protection concept of the CH mountain guide association. If the current situation changes and we can’t hold the camp because of the regulations, the whole amount will be credited to you and we hope you can participate at a later date. In such a case we are also open to discussing other solutions.

What if the weather is bad or there is no snow?

It may well be that the camp cannot be held according to the program because of a foehn storm, lack of snow or similar stupid situations. In this case we have alternative back up programs in the valley. For more information see program.